Friday, June 27, 2008

June Adventures

We have had a great first half of the summer!

To kick things off we went to St. Simons Island for a week at the beginning of June. What a fun week we all had staying in a house with Mom, Caroline, Brian, and Sam. We all enjoyed playing in the pool and at the beach, going on a few shopping excursions, and eating wonderful seafood. Other fun activities we enjoyed were climbing to the top of the St. Simons Island lighthouse (Phoebe, Sam, Brian, and Susan), going kayaking (Brian and Susan), and playing miniature golf (Phoebe and Brian).

Not long after we returned from the beach, Brian and I flew off to New York for the Peabody Awards. We also really enjoyed going to the New York Botanical Gardens, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Ellis Island. One of Susan's favorite excursions was going to the Today Show. In case you missed seeing me, I was standing in between two fake trees on the plaza during the camping segment. (Brian saw me on tv from our hotel room!).

Well, now we're back home and have put away the suitcases for a week or two until we're off again to the Brodrick family reunion in Myrtle Beach.

Hope you and your family are having some fun summer adventures too!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Partying, Camping, and Crawling

May was another action-packed month at the Brodrick house!

Phoebe had a Strawberry Shortcake birthday party with all of her friends at our house on May 22. That night we had a family dinner at our house for the birthday girl as well. I can't believe that our little redhead is five! How the time has flown!

Over Memorial Day weekend we visited Brian's grandmother (Phoebe) in North Carolina. We all love going to visit Gran, especially Phoebe. She had a wonderful time riding cousin Brandy's horse and tractor and even riding in a covered wagon pulled by mules. The other excitement of the trip was Brian and Phoebe's campout in Gran's yard. Phoebe slept in her new tent all night by herself even though the temperatures dropped into the 40s that night! Brian was so proud of his little camper. I think he enjoyed the campout just as much as Phoebe did...... just ask him how many roasted hotdogs he ate! The picture below shows the campfire they made in Gran's driveway.

Aaron was busy figuring out how to crawl and pull up this month. He has his own unique style that you'll have to see to believe. It's not the Phoebe scoot, and it's not quite a crawl, so I guess it's somewhere in between. He is as happy as ever, and we love him like crazy. I just wish he would stop trying out his 5 new teeth on my shoulder every time I pick him up!

Tomorrow is Phoebe's last day of preschool, then we are headed to the beach for a week!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April Happenings

April has been full of fun activities, celebrations, and new experiences!

Brian celebrated his 33rd birthday and also was selected to recieve the Outstanding Young Alumni Award for Berry College this year. We are looking forward to going to Berry next month for Brian to recieve this award.

Phoebe started soccer and swimming lessons, and she is having a great time learning some new skills in the water and on the field.

Aaron turned 9 months and is starting to think about crawling. In the picture he had just fallen asleep in his highchair after breakfast. I couldn't resist snapping a picture!

Susan took part in her first meeting as a member of the Oconee County Library Board this month. Also, she was offered and accepted a 3rd grade teaching position for next year back at Colham Ferry Elementary. Phoebe will be going with her there next year as a Kindergartner! Go Mustangs!

Friday, March 28, 2008

March Madness

We had a wonderful Easter weekend! Phoebe participated in several egg hunts, including one at our house, and we all enjoyed having family over for Sunday lunch.

Earlier today I found a swarm of bees in our back yard. Yes, those are all bees in the picture. It was quite a sight! Mom's neighbor came over and captured them. He's going to keep them at his house to make honey.

Right now Brian is asleep on the couch, Phoebe is asleep next to me in the recliner, Aaron has been down for almost 2 hours in his crib, and I am watching Davidson and Texas secure their places in the Elite Eight. Just another exciting Friday night on South Main Street!